WARNING: Here’s the Top 5 Advantages You NEED to Know About Working With A Direct Buyer to Sell Your House in the Omaha NE area…

February 14, 2021 By HomeSellersRelief When it’s time to sell, hold the phone! Don’t automatically reach out to a real estate agent to begin the traditional listing process. And there’s a better option than going it alone! As with every other industry, the methods available to sell homes have evolved, leading to direct buyers like […]

Photo Tips For A Standout Property Listing in the Omaha, NE and Surrounding area …

How Do You Get Your Listing From Good To Great In The Omaha NE and Surrounding Areas? You take your shot… And then you take it again. I’m talking about pictures! As a real estate investor, I’m always surprised by the photos that agents, or other investors, choose to include with their property listings. Dirty […]

What’s Your WHY?

Before finding your why, building a business is just work… But once you find your WHY, the work has purpose. Around here, we talk a lot about finding freedom. For some people, freedom is their why. They just want to be free of many different things… their job, their boss, their time deficit, their financial restrictions. But for most people, finding freedom […]

What is a Home Owner’s Association (HOA) in the Omaha NE and surrounding areas?

A home owners association (HOA) in the Omaha NE and surrounding areas is an organization that’s created by a real estate developer when planning a new development project. This management group sets the rules and regulations of a community. It’s in charge of the upkeep of common areas within the development such as the community […]